• Look up... wayyyy up

    Outrageous? Yup. Doing the unexpected is the name of the game with Preventable. By giving our audience a moment of shock and delight, our message cuts through the clutter.

    Our piano installation uses a custom-built, life-sized baby grand piano to create a "visual scandal" to create marketing buzz and to communicate a very simple message: with most preventable injuries, you can see them coming . . . sometimes from several feet above.

  • What if?

    Our recent activation for Preventable speaks to boaters where it matters most - on the water.

    Sure, we could have simply lectured boaters about the importance of wearing their lifejackets. But when was the last time that worked? Instead, we gave them a "what if" - we showed them what could happen if they didn't wear their lifejackets.

    The result is dramatic, powerful, and (most importantly) memorable.

Safe at home

The typical weekend warrior has a lot of chores around the yard. But keeping safe should always be at the top of the to do list.

Our goal was to create a realistic, life-like scenario that helps get the point across that when it comes to electricity, there's no room to mess around. Fortunately for the star of our commercial, some people get off with a warning. Others aren't so lucky.

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