• Laughing lifejackets

    From the start, “doing the unexpected” has always been a core feature of our Preventable creative. Take the city’s much-beloved laughing statues at English Bay, for example. The oversized lifejackets communicate a serious message: lifejackets save lives.

  • Use your head

    Sometimes it's subtlety that gets the most attention. Case in point: our recent helmet safety campaign for Preventable. We noticed that many of Vancouver's cyclist-operated traffic signals used an icon of a cyclist riding without a helmet. We thought it high time to correct that oversight. So our team rode around the city giving the tiny cyclists orange-coloured helmets. A reminder to real-life cyclists to use their heads when they hit the road. 

  • Clean up without falling down

    It’s gutter-cleaning season. You know what that means: it’s also falling-off-ladders season. To remind homeowners to stay safe when cleaning out the leaves, we built a provocative, attention-grabbing billboard complete with giant-sized ladder and gutter. 

  • No news is good news

    For Preventable’s summer awareness campaign, we re-wrote the news of the day, eliminating the stories about tragic accidents and other preventable injuries that so often dominate the front page.

    Our point: wouldn’t it be great if no one had to read about preventable injuries ever again?

  • Preventable.ca

    Preventable needed a bold, in-your-face online presence to grab people’s attention. Mission accomplished. The straightforward, persuasive content and strong contrasting colours serve as a rallying cry to all those who believe the time has come to change the way we think about preventable injuries.

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