We’re looking for a copywriter.

Yup. We’re looking for a new writer. Not a writer who’s new to writing (somewhere around 4 years of experience would be a good start), but new to us.

We need a wordsmith who’s all over new trends. One who gets Arnie-pumped about new ideas. One who can take a tried-and-true insight and make it feel new. Sure, we need a writer who finds new ways to say the “same old thing”. But someone who’s also into crafting entirely new messages, too.

Oh, and we’d also like a wordbird who’d enjoy a fresh new beer hand-delivered to their desk every Friday. That’s right. Hand-delivered.

So, tell us: are you looking for something new?

Show us…

  • your CV
  • your book (portfolio…but you knew that)
  • what newness you’re currently stoked about
  • what you’d bring to the team