Established in 1995, Wasserman + Partners has grown to become BC’s largest full-service independent advertising agency. (Cue dramatic intro music.)

What is Wasserman + Partners all about and why should I care?


We are a rarity on the Canadian Agency scene – a mid-sized, full-service independent agency with a 23 year track record of building brands and modifying people’s behaviour. Our core competencies have resulted in clients coming to us exclusively for:

  • Media
  • Brand
  • Business consulting
  • Digital content creation
  • Social community management


We occupy a unique market position: large enough to have the resources major brands need, yet nimble enough to be competitive when it comes to costs and superlative in client services.In an industry with multi-nationals on one side and cool agency-of-the-months on the other, we have thrived for over 23 years through developing brands with strategy, discipline and creative that works on every measurable level. We’ve created, expanded, reinvented and reinvigorated brands across the province the country and well beyond.

As a shareholder in Worldwide Partners Inc., we have access to research and insights across Canadian, US, and international markets. We take the best practices from around the world and apply them to building clients’ brands here at home.


We are the communications partner who can see beyond communications, bringing value to clients’ inner circle and senior leadership.Our mission is to fearlessly guide and translate complexity into clarity for brands that care about social values and long term brand equity.

Rooted in BC we export the BC vibe.

We share a drive to effect change and help brands flourish through constant change in an uber- connected society.

Like mothers and cowboys, our agency’s job is never truly done. Entrusting your brand in partnership with us means we will always drill deeper, raise the bar and explore new possibilities to move your business forward.

But don’t simply take our word for it.

This chart tells an impressive story about how our clients view our agency in relation to our competitors.*

Senior Team

At Wasserman + Partners, we have a high proportion of senior, seasoned staff compared to our competitors. You’re assured of having top talent actively involved in your business on an ongoing basis. This constant attention from people who know your brand means we’re always making sure strategy and everything that flows from it is right.

Alvin Wasserman

President, Writer
Besides being our head honcho, Alvin is well known as a creative strategist and a writer by trade, whose work over 25 plus years has been both highly visible and highly effective. His touch is behind many of the most successful campaigns in the market. Alvin was Creative Director and General Manager of McKim Advertising. He then opened the creative shop Wasserman, Cozens and Dundon before becoming El Presidente of Wasserman + Partners 15 years ago. He has guided Wasserman + Partners to becoming the largest full-service independent agency in British Columbia.

Andeen Pitt

Vice President
When Andeen starts to sing it’s like a scene right out of a Disney movie. Except instead of helping her with chores, the animated woodland creatures develop robust media plans and make really healthy salads for her. Apart from her vocal talent, Andeen also has over 25 years of advertising agency experience. She has the unique advantage of having worked within several media models, including a large full service, multi-national agency, Saatchi & Saatchi; client-side at Bristol Myers, and an independent media buying shop, Harrison, Young, Pesonen & Newell.

Karen Nishi

Vice President
When Karen is not directing brands, she’s either leveraging or managing them with the fury of 20+ years of marketing experience strategic passion. Karen joined Wasserman + Partners 12 years ago, after 13 years of branding and marketing experience on the client-side of the business with consumer packaged goods companies such as MolsonCoors and the Campbell Soup Company. Karen was born and raised in Vancouver and graduated from UBC with a Degree in Commerce and Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.


Vice President
In underground circles, they call her Notorious P.H.B. Not because she is particularly skilled at dropping a beat, but more likely because she can lay down a super fresh online strategy. Pauline joined Wasserman + Partners over seven years ago bringing years of industry experience, including expertise in both interactive and branding. She offers clients a unique blend of business savvy and a deep understanding of online branding and customer relationship marketing. Prior to joining Wasserman + Partners, she worked for BBDO where she created and managed a successful online branding, and web design and development company. In partnership with Karen Nishi, Pauline created Wasserman + Partners’ branding consultancy.

Liam Greenlaw

Creative Director
A brilliant conceptualizer and tech-savvy marketer, Liam is an accomplished graphic designer, art director, writer, broadcast designer and director. Born in Scotland, he fur lined his kilt, fled the tartan curtain and headed for Canada in the mid 90's. Within months of landing in Toronto he founded a creative boutique specializing in design and advertising for film, television and some very brave retail clients. He has won numerous awards for broadcast design including a Promax Gold, World Gold at the New York Festival, an assortment of prestigious advertising awards and two Emmy nominations for Title Design.

Sue Deans

CFO, Director of Administration
Sue is not just about the numbers, she’s about people too. In her dual role as Director HR and CFO, Sue fills a unique role that only she could. With her wry wit and knack for accounting, she sees to it that everyone gets paid on time, while making sure every one is happy and playing nice. Sue is a CPA,CMA, and has helmed the big calculator for 7 years at Wasserman. She can also hit a one iron, which pretty much makes her a triple threat in our books.